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Best Freelance Jobs to Hire For - Keep These Positions Open

by Selma Studer, on July 10, 2019 at 4:00 PM


For years, the term “freelancer” has been synonymous with “self-employed” and “flexible.” Now, the same is true for self-employed independent contractors who work for just one client at a time. Taken together, freelancers and independent contractors make up a new group known as independent professionals, or iPros.

While the number of clients iPros work with at once might differ between freelancers and independent contractors, they all offer valuable expertise in specific skills, many of which are highly technical. This specialization allows them to work with greater efficiency and agility than traditional employees, who often carry multiple responsibilities and are easily pulled into other streams of work. IPros’ schedules also tend to be more flexible, which makes them well-suited for project-based work that requires deep technical expertise and is delivered in cycles or sprints.

Wondering which of your company’s projects might be the best fit for an iPro? Consider the following areas first:

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1. CRM Implementation

Customer relationship management, or CRM, tools like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics are expensive, and their implementation needs to be tailored to an organization’s specific processes and requirements. It’s rare that a company that just purchased a new CRM system already has in-house resources to manage or execute the implementation.

While you could start a job search for a full-time employee to help manage the tool, it might make more sense to hire an iPro to help with the initial configuration. If you need further help once the tool is up and running, you can set up a contract with the professional to provide his or her services on an as-needed basis rather than adding someone to your payroll permanently.

2. SAP Support

SAP technology is powerful, but it also requires an expert to extract the most value. Even after the tool has been fully implemented, users will still need assistance navigating day-to-day operations and solving problems with the SAP software. Outsourcing the technology’s management to an iPro could save your company money — and could save employees from tech headaches.

When users raise concerns with an SAP module, they do so through tickets. You could bring on an iPro to manage the ticket-handling tool to save your full-time team time and energy. Your contractor would be able to accept and acknowledge each ticket, analyze and solve problems, track the status of the tickets, and log confirmation that each problem has been solved.

3. Data Cleaning

Analytics is the backbone of information technology, which makes data scientists the most in-demand professionals. That demand is so high partly because it’s a position that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. If you can successfully recruit a skilled data scientist onto your team, then it’s worth doing so.

However, it’s worth it only if your data scientist has the freedom to analyze and innovate. Unfortunately,  IBM recently reported that data scientists spend only about 20 percent of their time  actually doing that. The other 80 percent of their time is typically spent on finding and cleaning data to make it useful — a duty that could be easily outsourced to an iPro with the necessary experience.

4. Exploratory Data Analysis

If you don’t have any data scientists on staff, you can still benefit from their expertise by outsourcing important tasks such as exploratory data analysis. Freelance experts or independent contractors can generate questions and investigate them with visualizations. They can draw insights from customer segments and seasonal sales trends that you can use to positively impact your business.

Data scientists also make excellent contractors for machine learning projects such as linear and logistic regression to predict customer churn, fraud detection, loan defaults, and much more. When an on-staff data scientist isn’t available, outsourcing your projects to one can help you discover informative insights that you might not have found otherwise.

In today’s world, more and more professionals are attracted to flexible ways of working and want to be their own bosses. Many of these professionals are skilled and flexible enough to fill in the skills gap for virtually any project you might have. The question is no longer whether you should hire a freelancer or contractor — it’s which one is ideal for the task at hand. 

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