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AI vs. Machine Learning: What's The Difference?

by YOSS Community Writer, on August 13, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Artificial intelligence and machine learning seem like pretty much the same thing, but the two are much more than just synonyms. You can think of AI as the umbrella under which ML fits: Essentially, AI programs lay the groundwork for machines to process and react to information, becoming almost humanlike in their reasoning.

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In other words, AI is the intelligence that makes it possible for machines to learn. That’s an important distinction for companies endeavoring to adopt either technology into their business models, like how AI is beginning to play a role in the HR industry. AI can give their technology the ability to think, but for applications that require tech solutions to evolve as they absorb more data, machine learning is a vital investment.

Why Does AI and ML Sound Like the Same Thing?

Artificial intelligence is a broader concept than many people realize at first. There are applied AI systems, which are more common applications such as automated stock trading and self-driving automobiles. Then, there are generalized AI systems that can theoretically handle any task they’re given.

Generalized AI is where most of the excitement is centered these days. It’s also where machine learning was born. AI algorithms learn through intricate neural networks that teach them to process information in much the same way the human brain does. In machine learning, applications learn for the sake of learning, not just so they can perform certain tasks with optimal efficiency.

One reason people often mistake AI and ML as interchangeable terms is that, technically, they both involve technology “thinking” to some degree. AI algorithms can read text; ML systems can determine the tone of the text’s writer. AI systems can identify music; ML programs could compose music similar to what they’ve identified.

The mistake of confusing the two can mean the difference between a smart investment and one that doesn’t quite pan out. Most companies know their futures depend on incorporating smarter marketing, data science, and business development technologies. What they often don’t know is whether AI or ML is the smarter decision.

Using AI and Machine Learning to Their Full Potential

As companies become more adept at identifying their specific needs for AI and machine learning applications, they’ll more effectively implement each for higher-level functions and processes. For instance, in the field of freelancing and recruitment, AI has become an essential part of building networks and connecting people with the right opportunities.

In many ways, this creates a self-driving economy of advancing AI and machine learning systems; as companies utilize smarter systems, they need the right talent to implement and optimize them. They turn to freelancing tech experts who not only specialize in AI and machine learning, but also use those tools to connect with the companies that need their skills.

Eventually, the ability of AI and machine learning to amplify human capabilities will make them vital aspects of every business, and of society itself. Leading companies and educational institutions are already taking steps to promote the smarter economy by building partnerships to funnel students through the right education and employment opportunities.

For example, the Digital Marketing Standards Board is a partnership between the education pioneers and leading brands such as Google, Bloomberg, L’Oréal, and more. The board helps define the core competencies that employers should look for, and that individuals should develop, to prosper in the smart economy.

Even companies that aren’t part of a board can benefit from the new level of expertise by partnering with companies that excel at finding it. Platforms such as YOSS can connect companies with highly skilled AI and machine learning experts and make hiring them as freelance talent simple and convenient. If you want to bring the best and brightest flexible talent onto your team to access the AI-and ML-driven future, learn how YOSS can help below. 

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