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How to Spot a Company that will Respect Freelance Expertise

by YOSS Community Writer, on July 9, 2019 at 1:14 PM


Companies That Hire Freelancers 

In today's world, forward-thinking companies are rapidly hiring freelancers across a wide range of industries. Freelancers help complete both technical and expert-level  jobs while keeping costs at a minimum. More important than looking for a company that is simply hiring a freelancer, is a company that will value expertise. 

Regardless of whether youre a freelancer or a full-time employee, company culture matters. A friendly, collaborative culture makes for a more enjoyable workplace, but as a freelancer, youre concerned with more than just friendliness. How the company is run matters. How things get done is just as important as why they get done.  

Is the company organized and efficient at paying invoices? Does it have clear objectives and requirements for a job to be considered complete? How do people work together? Are people left to their own devices, or is the team more collaborative? The answers to all of these questions will affect the way freelancers are treated as part of the team — as well as the quality of work that youll produce. 

Ultimately, what motivates traditional employees will also motivate the freelancers a company hires. A company full of employees who like challenging work will attract like-minded individuals. Queens University Centre for Business Venturing found in a 10-year study that developing an  engaged company culture  not only reduces turnover by 26%, but also leads to 65% higher increase in share price, 15% more productivity, and 30% higher customer satisfaction levels. 

Culture Informs Production 

The culture and politics of an organization determine how autonomous your work as a freelancer will be. Will you have ownership over your work, or will you have to jump through hoops? If the full-time employees are driven and passionate about their work and feel like their contributions are respected, youll likely be treated more like a partner or teammate. If they view their jobs as simple ways to pay the bills or they feel micromanaged, you might not see the same level of respect. 

It all comes down to a companys values. If  innovation is part of those values, a company is more likely to accept freethinking freelancers who seek to improve the way things work. But if a company is concerned with maintaining the status quo, theyll be more conservative in allowing workers room to grow. If youre looking to freelance for a company that accepts out-of-the-box ideas, hires a diverse team, and seeks out all of its employees voices, you need to find one that thrives on innovation. 

But innovation isnt the only facet of a great company. At YOSS, our internal principles determine our culture, and we believe they make our organization truly freelancer-friendly.  

1. Credibility 

Our mission is to be the most trusted freelance platform out there for talent and clients. Trust and reliability are paramount to our culture. Everyone at YOSS is an expert in his or her own domain. Hiring truly knowledgeable employees allows us to leverage our collective expertise and attracts more talent our way. Reputation matters. Corporate Responsibility Magazine found that 69% of applicants would avoid signing on to an organization  with a bad reputation, even if they didnt have a job. 

2. Collaboration 

Building a collaborative company starts in the hiring process. At YOSS, everyone has a spirit of collaboration and the mindset that were “in it together.” That includes freelancers. During the interview process with an organization, be on the lookout for hiring managers to ask you questions about your ability to work with a team in ways that benefit all parties. If they dont, chances are good that their companies wont give you the opportunity for collaborative work.  

3. Customer Focus 

We are in the business of people — we want to make sure we enable both our employees and clients to succeed. Authenticity and inclusivity are key attributes of our company culture. Our organization isnt the only one that values a customer-centric focus, as 84% of organizations prioritizing the customer experience  have seen revenue growth  and 79% of consumers report that they want to know that  brands care about their consumers  before they make a purchase. As a freelancer, be sure to inquire about brands dedication to their customers to ensure they know the value of authentic and inclusive relationships.  

4. Creativity

We know our clients and our talent alike value flexibility and freedom. We empower our internal team to be flexible, solution-oriented, and innovative to meet these expectations. McKinseys  recent report  on companies it rated with an Award Creativity Score found that companies with a top score had 67% more organic revenue growth than their peers, with a total return to shareholders 70% above the average. In the interview or hiring process, ask your potential managers whether you have the freedom to innovate in your assignments to deliver the best solutions. 

The freelance economy is stronger than ever. Whether youre looking for your first freelance gig or just looking to add to your portfolio, finding a company or client that will support you is crucial to your success. To ensure that you can provide value to a client that respects you, look for these four traits in any organization youre considering. 

If youre having trouble finding the right match for your tech talents,  sign up with YOSS today, and let us help connect you with clients in need of your expertise.

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