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by YOSS Community Writer, on January 16, 2020 at 1:46 PM

A talent pool is a database containing information on workers that can be leveraged quickly to fill positions at your business. It provides great flexibility for your human resource department, …

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by YOSS Community Writer, on December 6, 2019 at 12:18 PM

Using freelancers and other contingent workers at your business is a great way to increase your productivity and efficiency. Most people already know this, yet they hesitate to move their …

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Topics:Freelancer EconomyTalent ManagementHire FreelancersFlexible TalentIndependent ProfessionalsIndependent Contractors

by YOSS Community Writer, on November 22, 2019 at 10:30 AM

Talent management is an approach to managing human resources that sees a business as a system. As a result, talent management addresses both current and future needs. It also helps …

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Topics:Hiring SolutionsBusiness StrategyTalent ManagementFlexible TalentSystems Implementation and Integration

by YOSS Community Writer, on October 21, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Contingent workers make up a growing share of the workforce. According to the Brandon Hall Group's 2017 Contingent Workforce Study, "90% of organizations use contingent labor." Below, we'll look at …

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Topics:Business InsightBusiness StrategyTalent ManagementWorker ClassificationIndependent Contractors

by Marcus Sawyerr, on October 2, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Interview with Marcus Sawyerr, President and Global CEO of YOSS and David Francis, Research Director at Talent Tech Labs. Talent Tech Labs Introduction: If the world of work is changing, …

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by YOSS Community Writer, on July 16, 2019 at 8:00 AM

Startups go hand-in-hand with the terms “lean” and “agile” — these small companies have quickly earned a reputation for being responsive, fast-moving, and dynamic. For the unfamiliar, the term “agile” …

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by YOSS Community Writer, on July 15, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Most enterprise companies were not set up to hire freelance talent as knowledge workers. They wanted to keep knowledge in-house with full-time employees. When those resources reached their limits, they …

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Topics:InsiderBusiness InsightHiring SolutionsHiring FreelancersHiring GuideFreelancer EconomyiProTomorrow's WorkforceBusiness StrategyTalent Management

by Marcus Sawyerr, on April 19, 2019 at 4:30 PM

People commonly use the phrase “gig economy” to refer to the labor market where one can use tech to request freelance workers on short notice for a variety of services, …

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